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Chocolate Torte and Truffle Making Workshop (TEENS EVENT)

Cake Boy, Unit B Kingfisher House, Battersea Reach, London, SW18 1TX

A group of young people we support had an extra special visit to Cake Boy where Master Pâtissier Eric Lanlard shared his passion for chocolate.

The workshop started with a chocolate and raspberry torte. We layered sponge, coated with raspberry sugar syrup, poured layers of ganache and added deliciously sweet raspberries, followed by more sponge and ganache! The decadent tortes went into the blast chiller to set, which gave us time to fill our gorgeous truffles with pure hazelnut praline.

Everyone created their treats whilst helping each other through each step. The delicious treats kept coming as we were presented with an array of sandwiches and miniature patisseries. This was a perfect chance to enjoy more chat, get to know one another and share experiences with those who were attending their first event. And what an extra special event it was!

It didn’t stop there – our tortes were out of the chiller ready for the finishing touches; a beautiful gold decorated collar and delicate chocolate toppings. We covered the collar with another layer of melted chocolate and carefully added it to the outside of the torte, followed by a mirror glaze for the top and a number of chocolate adornments. We all created a beautiful torte that would have proudly stood in any fine patisserie’s shop window.

The truffles were finished with a sprinkling of glitter, packaged in a clear bag and completed with ribbon. Our tortes were boxed and ready for the journey home for everyone to enjoy with friends and family.

It was definitely a Teens Day to remember, made possible by Eric and his wonderful team. Eric has supported Teens Unite for a number of years and we are always so grateful to him for enabling us to host these fantastic experiences to bring young people fighting cancer together. 


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