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A week to remember!

If you’re aged 18 or over, you won’t want to miss our annual Activity Stay.

Taking place each summer at a boarding school in North London, we bring around 20 young people together for an unforgettable stay away from home. 

Over the course of the week, you’ll get to take part in a range of activities each day and socialise with others your age in a similar situation. 

Then, in around six months’ time, you’ll have the chance to come back and do it all again at our Reunion Stay. 

"Sometimes you meet people who see the weird in you and love you for it! From rock climbing and singing to relaxing with a film on. Cheering each other on, hugging it out and laughing at the madness. This group of strngers that met on Friday have become a crazy little family I couldn't be prouder of..." Fay

Here’s a look at what we get up to...

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