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General Knowledge Teens Quiz (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

Come and join us for the Teens Unite Quiz! This weeks theme is general knowledge, so it will be a mix of themes and questions about anything and everything! It's a great way to meet others digitally, learn something new, and be entertained!  

We're running our quiz through Kahoot to make it super easy and fun. This is the link: and the game pin will be sent out at the start. All you need to do is enter the pin and your name and the quiz starts.

Don’t forget to download the Zoom app too, so we can send you the link to the video call to get involved.

By attending this event, you will be able to:
- Digitally access the support of Teens Unite from wherever they are
- Interact and socialise with others who get what you're going through
- Reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation 
- Learn something new!


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